Bryce 7.1 Pro – Terrain Stacking


Combining two or three terrains of the same type but different resolutions can greatly enhance the final landscape.


Combining terrains with different resolutions by stacking and displacing them slightly is a means to modify the characteristic and even add outcrops. Giving each terrain a different material makes it look truly elaborate. Six different approaches to this topic are shown in videos. Terrains in different resolutions, materials and textures for them are included as well as two versatile cloudy sky dome HDRIs and sky pre-sets.

Additional information

Required Products

Bryce 7.1 Pro

What's Included

1 Objects Library (.OBP) containing 10 terrains in 3 resolutions:
  4096 planetary, 2048 gigantic and 1024 massive
1 Materials Library (.MAT) containing 45 materials for the terrains
  20 each with and without a "wet" line for the shore, 5 mentioned in the videos
1 Texture Library (.BRT) with 26 textures to modify the materials
1 Sky Library with 2 sky presets using the high resolution HDRIs included
2 HDRI (.HDR) in 2 resolutions each and specular convolved for ambient light
1 HDRI (.HDR) as a helper how to rotate an HDRI backdrop in all directions
3 Pictures (.JPG) showing the 3 HDRIs
14 Videos (over 3-1/2 hours)
11 Scene files (.BR7/.BMP) 10 covered in 10 videos
10 Rendered images (.JPG) covered in 3 videos
4 Documents (.PDF)
  1 complementing a video showing how to re-create the 10 rendered scenes
  3 generic
13 Text files (.TXT) listing the content in the folders


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