Bryce 7.1 Pro Sky Toolbox


The name says it all, here are the tools to create awesome skies with a few clicks.


In Bryce not even the sky is the limit, this set pushes this fact even beyond. Cloud slabs give you hundreds of beautiful cloud patterns, the pre-rendered cloud spheres provide beautiful skies and ambient light with a few clicks. Cloudy skies can even be enhanced with cloud planes; with fading filters the sky can be made very dramatic.

Additional information

Required Products

Bryce 7.1 Pro

What's Included

10 scene files (.BR7, .BMP)
10 HDRI (.HDR), specular convolved for ambient light
10 Pictures (.JPG) standard render of all HDRI
1 Objects Library (.OBP) containing

10 cloud slabs
10 cloud spheres
10 cloud planes
10 cloud planes additive

1 Sky Library (.BSK) containing

10 skies for the cloud slabs
10 skies for the cloud spheres

1 Material library (.MAT) containing

10 fading filters

7 Videos (.MP4) total 58 minutes
3 documents (.PDF)

2 generic
1 specific

6 text files (.TXT) listing the content in the folders


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