Using the Deep Texture Editor’s Curvature Filter

The Curvature Filter was requested by David Brinnen, the author of this tutorial.The filter allows the material to respond with seeming intelligence to the object mesh and can differentiate between a "crevice" which might gather dirt to an exposed corner which could conceivably become polished through handling or otherwise grafted through abrasive contact with the environment.Prior to curvature filtering the only way to effectively achieve this level of realistic response was to UV map the damage and dirt onto the mesh object. A painstaking and tedious process that required a unique UV map for each and every different mesh. Curvature by responding dynamically to the mesh geometry does away with that and offers a holistic solution.In addition, curvature works with native terrain objects and will respond to their geometry, allowing advanced terrain material effect to be achieved that were simply impossible before.And if all that were not enough to commend curvature filtering, is also has the capacity to respond to the virtual curvature embedded within the bump map. Combine all these features and curvature filtering offers a major advance in the overall capabilities of the Bryce Material Lab.