Realistic Grass

Given patience and imagination it is possible to recreate any effect you care to dream up in Bryce. Some effects though, are considerably easier to dream up than they are to create. The Achilles heel of the Bryce render engine seems to be the simulation of anything soft and fluffy. Soft light, fluffy clouds, upholstery, fur, skin and so on. Into the category falls grass.The appearance of grass is about as illusive as rain. Grass you are aware is made up of many blades, such as rain is made up of many drops, but our perception of grass is as little about seeing every blade of grass as it is about seen every drop of rain in a downpour. Of course as some level it should be possible to simulate the effect of "grassyness" with a billion blades of grass but that is rather doing things the hard way.This video is about simulating the impression of grass using material effects and terrains. Combined with a suitable underlying material and peppered with some "real" blades of grass from the Bryce object library this method offers a highly effective way of achieving the desired illusion. The process is somewhat complex and render times will be prohibitive on slower computers, so this tutorial is only recommended for dedicated Brycers.