Making Volumetric Clouds

This video is really only intended for Bryce Veterans. Starting from scratch the process of setting up a volumetric cloud material for use on an infinite slab is shown in a "no nonsense getting the job done" way. For those less than intimately familiar with the Deep Texture Editor (DTE), this process will appear baffling and brutally complex. For this reason, I have made two further Volumetric Cloud Tutorials which cover the process in a more leisurely, lengthy and explanatory fashion.If however, you are already DTE savy and want to cut to the chase, this is the video to watch. Everything you need to know about making volumetric clouds is covered here in 20 minutes. That said, even a cloud made in 20 minutes will suffer several hours of fine adjustment to get the best from it. Good clouds take time, both to make and to render. This is a topic only for those with a high degree of commitment to this art form. Do not expect instant results.