How to Install Bryce 7 Pro (Windows)

The following tutorial shows you how to install Bryce 7 Pro on the Windows 7 operating system. Unfortunately I do not have access to a Mac but if you do and would like to create a Mac version of this tutorial for this page then please contact me.

If you haven’t already downloaded Bryce then check out our How To Download Bryce Pro tutorial.

Find the Bryce installer that you have downloaded, hopefully you know where it is but if not the first place to check would be your "Downloads" folder. The file name may be similar to mine (Bryce_7.1.0.109_Win32.exe), probably with a newer version number. Double click the file to being the installer. If Windows creates a security warning you will need to click "Run" to continue.

On the Welcome page click "Next".

On the License Agreement page you need to click the "I accept the agreement" radio button before clicking "Next".

On the Desktop Short cut page choose whether to add an icon to your desktop (I recommend choosing Yes) before clicking "Next".

On the Destination Directory page you can choose to alter the folder in which Bryce will be installed or accept the default (recommended) which will vary according to your version of Windows before clicking "Next".

The ready to install screen is largely redundant, simply click "Next".

The Installing page will now appear, depending on the speed of your PC this will take several minutes and other Windows may pop up and go as part of the process. When the progress bar reaches the end the Important Notes page will appear, read these and click "Next".

Finally the Completing Bryce 7.1 Setup Wizard page is displayed which has three options detailed below.

  1. Launch Bryce Tick this if you would like Bryce to automatically open when you click "Finish".
  2. View the Bryce Wiki Documentation At the time of writing this seems to point to a missing page. As the website is in the process of being re-written the best link to give you is the DAZ 3D Documentation centre homepage:
  3. DAZ Studio must be installed if you wish to exchange data between Bryce and DAZ Studio – Check this option to download a free copy of DAZ Studio 3 Tick this if you would like the installer to automatically open your default browser on the page DAZ Studio is a recommended addition as it allows you to import models and content into your Bryce scenes. You do not need to install it now but I do recommend downloading it as it is only free for a limited time.

Select the options above as you prefer and click "Finish". Note that if you have un-ticked all options then the Setup window will simply disappear and it is up to you to open Bryce or follow one of the web links above as you prefer.

Register Bryce

The first time you launch Bryce you will be asked to enter your name and serial number. You will need to visit and click the "Log In" link at the top right of the page. Enter your email and password and you’ll be taken to your account "Dashboard" where you need to click the link "My Serial Numbers" which will take you to a list of serial numbers for your purchased products.