Image Based and True Ambience Lighting In Depth

This tutorial returns to the topic of Image Based Lighting and True Ambiance for a more in depth look at the features and explores some of the subtitles which the artist would do well to bear in mind when choosing which of these two excellent lighting methods to employ within their scenes. Neither one is "best" both have advantages and shortcomings and depending on the requirements of the scene, it is usually fairly easy to determine which route will offer the best results. Often comparisons will focus on render times, and while this is of course a factor, I do not believe too much weight should be given to that aspect. A completed render should (and mostly likely will) be judged on what is shown, only other render users will concerned themselves over the mechanics of the scene. In all probability, your best render (and the one of which you are most proud) will also turn out to be one of the longest. It is an inescapable truth of rendering, good scenes require good light simulation and good lighting takes time.