How to Model a Book

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to a way to make a book in the terrain editor. You will also be shown the way that the terrain editor interprets the orientation of mapping of materials.

The picture to the left indicates how the terrain editor will interpret grayscale image material mapping. Knowing how Bryce interprets some of the basic mapping in relation to the terrain is invaluable when using the terrain editor to model objects.

For instance, if you apply the image map material to the "Object Side" mapping, then the face of your terrain model should be oriented till it faces the "Object Side" indicated above. The image will be reversed on the opposite side of the terrain model.

Create a new image in your terrain editor with a black background. Then paint an overly exaggerated book shape as if you were looking at its edge using white. Paint it facing the way indicated to the right.

The reason you paint it in this manner is so that you can apply the writing to the book’s pages easily. If you refer to the terrain map picture above, you should be able to reason how to map your text.

Create something for your book to display in your image editor. I made an image 280 x 210 pixels wide and discoloured it slightly to give it a worn appearance.

When you apply mapping from object front, the writing will map correctly.

Be careful not to over clip the bottom of your terrain. Just barely move the clipping bracket to clip the bottom of the terrain off. If you apply your map as indicated and it does not show correctly, look at how much you clipped the terrain. You may have overdone it.

Clipping reminder.

Duplicate your pages and resize the duplicate to make the cover of the book. Apply a different material to the cover.

When you finish you will have a pretty nice book to use in your images.