Deep Texture Editor Clip and Smooth Filters

Clip is a simple DTE filter, it can act as both a "contrast" and a "brightness" control for other filters and noise functions. Transition zones can be tightened and the intensity of effect easily controlled with this filter. The filter comes in two forms, basic clip and smooth clip, the difference being that smooth clip softens the edge were the waveform is clipped which is often kinder to the appearance of bump patterns which are being filtered in this way.The usefulness of this filter may not be immediately obvious, however, like slope and altitude, it is a staple of the DTE toolbox. These three filters alone can and will answer the bulk of your needs in the DTE.The difference between a good texture and a texture you will keep coming back to for 100's of renders, is knowing how the filters can be used to make the noise functions conform to your needs. In this respect, clip filtering is one of the most useful.