Create a Stone Floor

In this tutorial, you will be acquainted with a way to make a stone floor in Bryce. Of course, there are many ways to make this; terrains, stones, or imports. This method will focus on using a terrain as the basis of a floor. You will also look at making floor trim and a method of creating them using the terrain editor.

Create a terrain and paint the basis of a terrain using the tools in the terrain editor. Clip the terrain. This will supply the basis for a stone floor.

Now create a cube and apply a cement material to it. Make this cube slightly smaller in depth than the floor terrain.

Before making the cube, duplicate and reposition your stone floor terrain until you have the appropriate size floor.

In this case, I used a default Bryce material.

Now when you view the two together, you have a nice stone floor for your room.

Most every floor needs some kind of floor trim. You can create your trim with boolean operations or with a terrain as I did.