How to Create Canyon Terrains

Start up Bryce, select «Create» and click on the mountain.

Click on «E» (Edit) to open the terrain editor.

Change the resolution from the standard «128 – normal» to «1024 – massive resolution».

Select «Alpine Valleys» from the «Fractal» Pulldown.

1. Click the «Fractal» button until an interesting looking terrain is found.
2. Click twice (2 x) on the «Sharpening» button.
3. Click once (1 x) on the «Subplateaus» button.

Above sample terrain.

Small picture above terrain in 3D view.

Middle: after sharpening twice.

The lower image shows the terrain after «Subplateaus» was clicked on once.

Terrain rendered with the default grey.

The material «Arizona» from the library applied: «Planes & Terrains», row 1, column 2.

Camera positioned at an interesting position and a sky with a low sun added.

Same camera position as above.  Only the sky was changed.

The size of the terrain was not changed and is X = 81.92 / Y = 20.48 / Z = 81.92 Bryce Units.

The ground near the camera was cut off with a graphics application.   The size of the terrain and the material used is not good enough for a very near camera position.