How to Build Volumetric Clouds

This tutorial was created to accompany the Bryce Pro Cloudscapes product offering an in depth examination of the process of making volumetric cloud materials from scratch. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the method described in this lengthy tutorial and I would recommend anyone thinking of tackling this tricky topic to also watch the Volumetric Cloud Tutorial 2 before deciding which particular approach will suit your needs best.A good understanding of the Deep Texture Editor (DTE) will stand anyone working with volumetric materials in good stead and the Altitude Filter Tutorial in particular might prove instructive as this is one of the more unwieldy filters to get to grips with.If you find making a viable materials is taking a dishearteningly long time to achieve, don't be discouraged, work instead from the other direction with one of the free example cloud scenes supplied with Bryce 7 Pro, or one from a product if it is closer to what you want, and apply small modifications to the material and see how the components and overall structure responds to those changes. In that way it is possible to build up an understanding of the roles played by each part and instead of building a cloud material from scratch, the most difficult path, convert what you already have into what you need.