Bryce Video Tutorial: Sine Noise Filter

The noise functions are the procedural patterns (many of them fractals) which are the basis of almost all the materials in the Bryce library. I being with the Sine noise function, partly because it is a fairly simple procedural, but also because it has been used extensively as an example in the preceding Deep Texture Editor (DTE) filter tutorials.The procedural patters not only drive noise but can also be used as a pattern disrupting phase component. Something to have in the back of your mind while watching the noise function videos.Both noise and phase can exist in one, two or three dimensions, which can be mixed and matched and recombined via noise/phase mode. This doubtless sounds needlessly complex, but the system invites experimentation and is more fun to play with than you might at first imagine.Occasionally even a DTE veteran like myself will find themselves baffled by the self referential multidimensional nature of the procedurals - but without this level of complexity, they would not he half so useful.In the noise function, somewhere, is something like the pattern you are looking for. How close you get to your ideal, is down to patience and luck.