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Bryce Video Tutorial: Volumetric Clouds

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An in depth look at one approach to making volumetric cloud materials for use on infinite slabs.   Watching at least a few of the Deep Texture Editor tutorials first would probably be a good idea.   Learning how clouds are made will also help when it comes to modifying clouds in existing scenes or adding volumetric materials from the library.

It is not difficult to create a volumetric material, what is challenging is to create a material that renders efficiently (as close to quickly as it is possible to get without a loss of quality).   Making the clouds is as much about creating something that resembles a cloud as it is about finding ways to do this that do not cripple the render engine.

With this method it is possible to create a plausible cloud material with a quality setting as low as 20 for HD rendering and sometimes even 0 quality will suffice.

As is often the case, lighting plays a key role in the rendering of clouds, which is why I recommend Bryce 7.1 pro as this has the advantage of the "influence" feature which allows objects (eg, volumetric cloud slab) to be excluded from a light source.

The second video employes a different method to form the volumetric material resulting in a different character to the clouds.

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