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Bryce Video Tutorial: Creating a Terrain Material

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Beginning with a landscape from Cloudscapes 2, but with the default material applied, this tutorial goes through the steps of setting up the terrain material.   Getting the material to respond as it should to the changes in the terrain height and slope, it is shown how this can be done.   How to put in place DTE filters that select between material texture channels and then adjust these filters so they do exactly what you want.

Bryce comes with many materials and texture components, being able to change these to suit your own scenes is a useful skill to have and a step towards making your own materials.   Learning how to adapt materials by modifying filters will not only improve the look of your finished renders but it will also, by saving the modified materials back to the library, gradually expand the number materials available to you when you begin your next scene.

The filters (texture components) themselves can also be saved in the texture library for reuse and swapping these into existing materials is a quick way to create a new material with the properties of the filter.   Filters can be simple, slope, altitude, orientation or combine pattern (procedural) components to add complexity to the effects.

This tutorial offers a starting point for the understanding of filtering material channels using a texture component.

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