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Bryce Video Tutorial: Phase Function

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All the procedural fractals that are available for use as noise functions may also be called upon for the phase functions.   The phase function alters the component's noise function, or in the case of the final combination, the entire output of the Deep Texture Editor (DTE).   Phase distorts the noise according to selected procedural and the phase setting.   The higher the phase setting the greater the influence of the phase function procedural on the noise function procedural.  

Do not incorporate phase unless there is a good reason to do so, it adds a great deal of complexity to the texture and in doing so, can impair render performance.   Phase works best when used with subtlety.   Use phase to create multilayered complexity, by applying high frequency phase to low frequency noise or the other way around.   Phase frequencies that are carefully selected to harmonise with the accompanying noise function frequency can create some of the best and strangest texture effects to emerge from the DTE.   There is no easy way to describe the action of the phase exactly and to come to anything like a complete understanding of it, a great deal of experimentation will be required.

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