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Bryce Video Tutorial: Noise Functions

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This tutorial provides an overview of the entire selection of noise functions currently available in Bryce 7.1.   They are described briefly and possible applications are touched upon.   In order to make a new material from scratch, as opposed to adapting an existing material, it is useful to be able to identify which particular procedural patterns have the greatest similarity to the patterns in the material you wish to simulate.   Since most filters, colour components and blend modes, require a noise function to work with before they provide a useful output, identifying the most suitable noise functions is logical the place to begin your new material.

You may wonder then why the tutorials do not begin with noise functions as opposed to beginning with filters, colour components and blend modes?   The reasoning is that while it is possible to get many effects by manipulating the procedural material directly, filtering is easier to understand and more efficient with respect to render times.   And because materials have a significant impact on render times, I hoped by presenting the tutorials in this order it would naturally encourage the production of efficient texture components that would lead to shorter render times.

Build the materials one noise function at a time, get as much as you can from it with the filtering (and the other controls already discussed) before resorting to a second or a third component.

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