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Bryce Video Tutorial: Modify Clay's Fire Material

Author: David Brinnen Coming Soon

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This video tutorial shows how this freely available material Download Clayfire by Clay Hagebusch can be modified to achieve a realistic flame effect.   While this video might be somewhat pedestrian for Deep Texture Editor (DTE) veterans, it is well paced for those wishing to become more familiar with the advanced capabilities of Bryce's material editor before tackling something considerably more challenging like volumetric clouds.

As well as making the material itself this tutorial will provide instruction for ways of optimising your materials for rendering efficiency.   Since almost everything that appears in your scene will have a material of some sort applied to it (including the sky in form of clouds) then any efficiency saving however minor that can be made in the material lab is well worth exploring.   The effect of poorly designed materials can be multiplied dramatically by the rendering process, adding minutes if not hours to the final render time.   Understanding where savings can be made, even if you don't yet have the skill to make the materials themselves from scratch, is valuable knowledge since it will allow you to use more advanced materials in your scenes.

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