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Bryce Video Tutorial: Create a Cityscape using the Deep Texture Editor

Author: David Brinnen Coming Soon

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Step by step tutorial showing how the terrain height map can be controlled by the Deep Texture Editor (DTE).   In this example, the DTE components (noise, phase and filters) are used to create a greyscale alpha channel that is fed into the terrain height map and intended to give the illusion of a city populated with many buildings of different shapes and sizes.

Note the alpha channel made by the DTE is suited to the full 16 bit height resolution of the terrain height map and can be "regenerated" at any terrain area resolution without loss of detail.   DTE generated terrains then combine flexibility and best quality, making them well worth spending time on.

Because the texture used to generate the height map can be saved to texture library (absorbing only a few k of memory).   This is a far more efficient way to save terrains or distribute them to other Brycers compared with exporting the terrain height maps themselves.

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