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Bryce 5 Mini Tutorial
How to create Canyon Terrains

How to create Canyon Terrains

By David Brinnen & Horo

February 2005

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Canyon Terrain

Start up Bryce, select «Create» and click on the mountain.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Click on «E» (Edit) to open the terrain editor.

Figure 3

Change the resolution from the standard «128 - normal» to «1024 - massive resolution».

Figure 4

Select «Alpine Valleys» from the «Fractal» Pulldown.

Figure 5

1. Click the «Fractal» button until an interesting looking terrain is found.
2. Click twice (2 x) on the «Sharpening» button.
3. Click once (1 x) on the «Subplateaus» button.

Figure 6

Above sample terrain.

Small picture above terrain in 3D view.

Middle: after sharpening twice.

The lower image shows the terrain after «Subplateaus» was clicked on once.

Figure 7

Terrain rendered with the default grey.

Figure 8

The material «Arizona» from the library applied: «Planes & Terrains», row 1, column 2.

Figure 9

Camerta positioned at an interesting position and a sky with a low sun added.

Figure 9

Same camera position as above.  Only the sky was changed.

The size of the terrain was not changed and is X = 81.92 / Y = 20.48 / Z = 81.92 Bryce Units.

The ground near the camera was cut off with a graphics application.   The size of the terrain and the material used is not good enough for a very near camera position.