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Five scenes demonstrating the use of the advanced rendering technique that allows shadows to be "captured" on invisible surfaces.   The purpose of this is to give the illusion that a Bryce object can cast a shadow into a photographically generated HDRI backdrop.

The product also includes a low and high resolution hdri created by Horo, as is used as a backdrop in the scenes.

Careful examination of the scene images should provide a clue as to what objects are in the background and what are imposters.   For example, tools, inspection panels, pipe work (to name but a few), have all been carefully blended into the hdri background apparently casting convincing shadows onto the illusory environment around them.

This is a new concept for Bryce and only possible because of the new "influence" feature in Bryce 7 pro.   Tricks with materials, mirrors and "influenced" lighting are all used in concert to generate what appears to be a seamless concatenation of virtual and photographic elements.   More than any other product I would recommend watching the related video before considering this product.   We rate both the content and the video as "Expert".


  • 5 Example Scenes (.BR7)
  • 5 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP)
  • Vroom2_1280 (.HDR)
  • Vroom2_3840 (.HDR)

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