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This product will show you, step by step, how to design a scene from scratch with the specific aim of taking advantage of the high quality lighting solutions available in Bryce to create a series of photorealistic landscape images.

Designed with Bryce 6.3 in mind (although the concepts and files are valid for later versions of Bryce) this 29 step tutorial, along with 29 accompanying scene files, goes through the entire process of building the scene shown in exhaustive detail.

Good renders rarely happen by accident.   An artist will always be able to recognise a good design when it is presented, but no amount of artistic flare can compensate for a lack of understanding of the fundamental mechanics of setting up a scene in Bryce.

A good 90% of turning the picture in your mind's eye into a finished render, is down to a technical understanding of the software you are using.   So long as you remain at the mercy of the preset libraries, the default sky and lighting setup, the appearance of your renders will be dependent more on the choices made by others than those you have made for yourself.   The defaults should be seen as a starting point, nothing more, to avoid "generic renders" you have to be prepared to tune all aspects of the scene to suit your needs.

There is of course, no "one solution" and good renders may happen by accident - and if and when they do, being able to take them apart, examine what has made them work and then put them back together again, is as good a way as any to learn.   And in 29 stages, this is exactly what this tutorial does.

With the advent of Bryce 7.1 Pro, still more advanced lighting features have been added and this products now comes with a free update for Pro users to try along with accompanying video tutorials that explain how the scenes have been modified to take advantage of these new features.


  • Fully self-contained 29 step tutorial including source files
    • 37 Reference Images
    • Tutorial (pdf format)
    • 4 Videos for the New Bryce 7 Content (plus the JPG from the Videos)
  • 29 Scene Files
  • 40 Materials
  • Extras
    • 2 Bonus Scenes
    • 9 Byrce 7 Pro Updated Scene Files
    • Five Sky Photos
    • Three HDRI Files

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