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Download Bryce Pro DTE Examples - Realistic Metal Materials

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Realistic metal materials.   20 examples, including the original material shown in the related video tutorial.   Curvature filtering, which first became available in Bryce 7.1 Pro, is used to control the distribution of textures to create a rust or dirt effect that is applied according to the geometry of the mesh object to which it is applied.

Curvature filtering is a powerful filtering feature which can be used to recreate effects that would otherwise only be possible through the application of mesh specific UV maps or postwork.

Aside from the obvious application of the material content of this package, it could also be used as a learning tool by those who have already invested in the Bryce Pro DTE Examples - Filters and Bryce Pro DTE Examples - Noise products.


  • Bryce HDRI Lit Scene containing 20 Material Examples(.BR7)
  • 10 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP)

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