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Download Bryce Pro DTE Examples - Filters

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The ten files provide in total 200 examples of filtering in the Deep Texture Editor (DTE).   This product has been designed specifically in conjunction with the ten related videos which examine in depth the filters demonstrated in this product.

Ideas that are covered in the video are expanded upon and the methods recombined to create the effects shown.   Although the materials provided in the scene could conceivably used as content they were not designed with that in mind and this product should really only be considered a learning aid (a factor that was taken into consideration when the price was set).

Aside from an understanding of the advanced lighting methods available to Bryce Pro users, it is hard to conceive of any more flexible and useful component of Bryce than the Deep Texture Editor.   DTE functions drive all the procedural textures, the procedural cloud layers in the sky lab and are also behind the terrain generation functions.   Additionally, DTE can be used directly to generate terrains and using this approach it is possible to create complex special effects that would otherwise require hours of post work to simulate in any other way.

Time spent mastering this aspect of Bryce has the potential to liberate the user entirely from reliance on presets and offer the most complete control over the final appearance of the render short of reprogramming the software.   Thanks to the clever design of the Bryce interface, learning the DTE can be more a process of discovery than a chore and while hours can be spent honing texture components to perfection, once complete they will come in use time and again, adding a personal and unique character to every rendered material in which they contribute.


  • 10 Example Scenes - 200 Examples (.BR7)
    • Scene 1 - Slope Filter
    • Scene 2 - Altitude Filter
    • Scene 3 - Clip and Smooth Clip Filters
    • Scene 4 - Scene 4 - Sin and Saw Filters
    • Scene 5 - Quantize Filter
    • Scene 6 - Absolute, Power and Gaussian Filters
    • Scene 7 - Orientation and Snow Puddle Filters
    • Scene 8 - Curvature Filter
    • Scene 9 - Color Components
    • Scene 10 - Blend Modes
  • 10 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP)

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