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These ten scenes have been specially crafted to take advantage of the new features available in Bryce 7 Pro.   Each in some way showcases a feature or effect that was either, not possible (or at least very difficult indeed) to achieve with earlier versions of Bryce.

The scenes could be used as starting points for your own creations, however they are primarily intended for the kind of people who can learn the most from taking things apart and have a good understanding of Bryce.

Lighting, skies and materials have all been tailored to suit one another and the rendering mode employed to create final image.   Since these scenes used the most sophisticated methods presently available in Bryce 7 pro, it is only fair to warn you that they are processor intensive and require either patience or a relatively fast computer to get the most from them.

Most but not all of the scenes make use of HDRI, some employ IBL others True Ambience, often, but not always supplemented by other types of light sources.

Note, on DTE generated terrains, the cityscapes for example, to access the DTE, select terrain, enter the terrain lab and click on the picture button while holding down shift.   From the DTE the procedural texture can be saved to the texture library and used again in your own projects/terrains at any terrain resolution.   For more information on this process see the related video tutorial.

As of yet, specific documentation relating to the new features in Bryce 7 pro is not available from DAZ 3D but these products and tutorials aim to fill the gap.


  • 10 Example Scenes (.BR7)
  • 10 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP)

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