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Before considering this bundle of scenes I strongly recommend watching the video tutorials listed on this page.

Using the DTE (Deep Texture Editor) is a powerful way of creating complex custom heightmaps within the Terrain Editor, but more than that, provided the materials are correctly setup it is possible to create effects where the materials are seen to "respond" to the underlying topography.

Even if you have only watched the first video, you will see that organising this is one of the most challenging DTE projects you are likely to undertake in Bryce (making your own volumetric clouds notwithstanding).   Which is where Bryce Pro DTE Terrain steps in.

Scene one provides a terrain with an embedded DTE heightmap, which can be handled according to the rules outlined in the tutorials above.

The other five scenes are carefully crafted to demonstrate different ways in which this resource can be used to good effect.

Note: not only is this an advanced product, but these scenes also push Bryce's lighting and rendering engine to obtain high quality results and while they have been designed with efficiency in mind, they are demanding on your hardware - particularly those examples that feature volumetric clouds.   Do not expect instant results.

This DTE terrain generates a complicated river bed deep in a canyon like environment.   Procedural effects driven by the same DTE that created the terrain provides the illusion of foam in the water surface responding to the shape of the river bed.