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Setting up volumetric clouds for sunset scenes is not always as straight forwards as lowering the sun towards the horizon.   The reason for this being that much of the light seen within the cloud material is provided by the ambient channel which in turn is controlled within the clouds material.   So not only the sun position, sun colour, sky colour and atmospheric response needs to be altered to take account of the change in light, but also the cloud material itself.   This makes sunset scenes incorporating volumetric clouds inherently more difficult to produce.

The role of this product then is to provide ten carefully constructed scenes that can be either used as a starting point for your own projects, grafted retrospectively only an existing scene to upgrade it or if you are willing to put in the time and watch the video, present a guide as to how to go about making your own clouds and skies suited to this kind of lighting environment.

Again, because of the environment these clouds are in, and also because of the experience of making previous cloudscape sets, a high difficulty level has been assigned.   Obviously this is not intended to put you off, but to avoid disappointment and to encourage you to take advantage of the freely available tutorials provided that cover the topic of volumetric cloud scenes (see below).

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