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Volumetric Clouds are the answer if you are fed up of the flat generic Bryce skies.   Procedurally generated these clouds will provide almost infinite variety.   Each of the ten cloud materials provided have been painstakingly optimised.   Unlike related products 1 and 2.   The scenes provided are little more than place holders and here the focus is entirely on the clouds themselves, the sky settings and the lighting.

Use the scene files themselves as a starting point for your own creations or take advantage of the volumetric cloud video tutorials to understand the materials themselves and use that knowledge to modify them to more exactly suit your needs.

These clouds are the culmination of weeks of research into recreating realistic cloud forms using the volumetric material options and offer the most efficient balance between performance and quality so far achieved with this kind of material effect.   That being said, be aware that rendering volumetric materials is very demanding on the number of ray calculations required and as such will be somewhat time consuming even on relatively modern computers.

The video tutorials also provide strategies for dealing with this issue and much can be done to optimise the scene to improve performance.

Accept that with rendering the limitation will almost always be your own patience.   What can be achieved is governed by the technology only in that faster computers will allow more to be done before the scene is taking too long for you to wait for.

Since these products were made, bug fixes and additional lighting features have been added and hopefully will continue to be added, that have made still further improvements in terms of render performance.   Again, look to the video tutorials for guidance on how new features can be employed, not only with these scene, but any of your own to reduce render times and improve the quality of your finished artwork.

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