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This product provide ten complete Bryce 7 Pro scenes featuring volumetric clouds.   The scenes not only display the clouds themselves by also inherently demonstrate how the clouds can be incorporated into a landscape scene.

The resources from the scenes themselves are also available for reuse, that is materials, terrains and overall sky settings.   Working with these huge infinite cloud-slabs can be tricky, so to make life easier Horo and David Brinnen have provided a selection of tutorials that focus on just that.

This one focuses on modifying one of the free cloud scene examples you receive with Bryce 7 Pro.

Horo's, although specifically for Bryce Pro Cloudscapes 4, makes many points which are just as valid for this product.

When you are familiar with using the clouds, there are more advanced tutorials to guide you through the process of making your own. Of course, if you have this product, and you also know how to make your own, you will find modifying and making new clouds from these existing ones much easier. The following two tutorials cover many aspects of making clouds.

Given the wealth of knowledge available here and a sufficiently fast computer, there really is no reason to ever go back to rendering 2D clouds.   The following tutorials also show the inclusion of cloudscapes as part of making of a scene.

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