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Bryce 7 Pro Advanced Layered Skies

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A resource in itself and also a guide as to setting up skies, this product is focused on producing well lit render efficient scenes in Bryce 7.1 Pro that feature realistic looking cloud effects without the overhead of rendering processor intensive volumetric clouds.

Using masked layers of pre-rendered volume clouds (if you are interested in pre-rendering your own layers, see our product "Bryce 7 Pro Spherical Mapper") combined and blended with Horo's excellent photographic HDRI (if you wish to use your own images as HDRI see the Bryce 7 Pro Scene Converter) to produce realistic and efficient scenes.

The main aim is to instruct the user on scene optimisation techniques and solutions, 11 scenes are provided as examples to be considered in conjunction with the videos supplied.

The resources, 6 light probes and 22 images maps and/or masks (depending how they are employed) offer many potential variations and uses depending on the imagination of the user.

Please note the difficulty rating of this product is not intended to discourage less experienced users but to prevent disappointment.   Looking at a render it is impossible to tell if it was produced efficiently or was the result of many hours of rendering, as a hobbyist I don't tend to count the render hours, only consider the results.   If a commission comes my way, render time becomes more critical, when the client requires tens of tiny adjustments to a scene, then rendering efficiency suddenly becomes very important indeed.


  • 6 Sanetsch Lightprobes (.HDR)
  • 22 Image Maps and/or Masks (.JPG)
  • 4 Video Tutorials (.MP4)
  • 11 Example Scenes (.BR7)
  • 11 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP)

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