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Bryce 7.1 Pro has many undocumented features, not only new features, but also legacy features that have been bug fixed.   The role of the video tutorials was primarily to introduce and explore many of these features.   In putting together the DVD we have expanded on that foundation to include guides and examples which demonstrate using the feature not just to test them but to produce a completed scene which is provided along with any additional resources needed to follow the videos, for example, HDRI's.

There is no structured program of learning, the video's are divided into topics and it is left to the user to decide what interests them.   The topics range from the basic to the extremely advanced, the idea being that there really should be something for everyone here.

The DVD represents months of research and testing by Horo and myself, our view is that the Bryce community can only benefit by our sharing what we have learned, as we in turn have benefited from having access to the programming team and insights that has provided us into the inner workings of the software.

Beside accompanying the tutorials, the scenes also serve as a supply of resources in themselves, as a source of reusable content (materials and so forth) and also serving to demonstrations how to build efficient scenes.   As far as possible everything is put together with optimised performance in mind.   Even with access to modern multi-core CPU's, rendering can still be slow processor intensive activity, everything you add to a scene, every choice you make has implications.

With over 26 and a half hours of viewing distributed over 117 discreet tutorial, as well as a couple of gigabytes of scene content, the DVD offers excellent value for money.   As things stand, the DVD is not available as a digital download, so please be aware it may take a few days for your orders to be processed.


  • Video Tutorials
    • Diverse - 10 Videos
    • DTE- 17 Videos
    • IBL - 17 Videos
    • Lightning - 8 videos
    • Materials - 11 videos
    • Material Lab - 12 videos
    • Rendering - 4 videos
    • Reusing Scenes - 3 videos
    • Scene Videos - 19 videos
    • Terrains - 9 Videos
    • Volumetric Clouds - 5 videos
  • 12 High Dynamic Range Images
  • 83 Scene files to accompany videos
  • 13 Pictures
  • 28 pdf's
  • 1 Model
  • 4 QTR Movies

Product Requirements

  • Bryce 7 Pro
  • Software to play the mp4 video files
  • Software to play the Quicktime virtual reality mov files

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