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The scene converters change your entire Bryce scene into a 360 degree x 180 degree angular mapped (HDRI) High Dynamic Range Image, suitable for use in Bryce's own IBL tab but also compatible with any other software that is capable of interpreting light probes.

Practically speaking, this products converts your scene into a sophisticated light source and also a backdrop.   Think of it as a more advanced version of the "use sky" feature found in the IBL tab.   Not only do you get a HDRI of the sky, you get the entire scene and whatever light sources are in that scene as well as ambient light from the objects in the scene itself.   Making this a very powerful and flexible tool indeed.

Insert the tool into your pre-existing scenes or build your scene around the conversion tool, render the scene and export the HDRI.   Other than Bryce 7.1 Pro no additional software is required, it is all handled within Bryce.

Three conversion tools are supplied to cope with different scene configurations as wells as a comprehensive set of example scenes and accompanying video tutorials.

Additionally Horo has also provided a special orientation tool the "Rib Cage" as both an object in itself and in the form of HDR backdrops to aid panoramic scene construction and investigation.   This also is accompanied by an explanatory video.

Altogether a very useful tool set for anyone interested in making their own HDRI.


  • Scene Converters
    • 3 Scene Converters (.BR7)
    • 3 Accompanying Renders (.BMP)
    • 3 Bryce generated HDRI conversion maps (.HDR)
    • 3 video tutorials
  • Rib Cage Tool
    • 1 Object (.OBP)
    • 2 HDRI (.HDR)
    • Video tutorial (.MP4)
  • Example Scene Sets
    • 24 Bryce7 Scene Examples (.BR7)
    • 1 Bryce5 Scene Example (.BR5)
    • 15 Accompanying renders (.BMP)
    • 12 Bryce HDRI converted from Bryce scenes (.HDR)
    • 6 Accompanying example set video tutorials (.MP4)

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