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This product gives examples on how to set up still life scenes using the new advanced lighting methods available in Bryce 7 pro.   Most if not all of the scenes make use of hdri, some employ IBL others True Ambience, often, but not always supplemented by other types of light sources.

Although these scenes could be used as a starting point for your own scenes, the main intention of this product is to show how carefully chosen material, lighting and render option choices are combined to create high quality rendered images.

While every effort has been made to optimise these scenes, in pushing the limits of what can be achieved with the Bryce 7 Pro feature set, most of them are very CPU intensive and will be of most benefit to those with fast computers and a good understanding of Bryce.

As of yet, specific documentation relating to the new features in Bryce 7 pro is not available from DAZ 3D but these products and tutorials aim to fill the gap.


  • 10 Example Scenes (.BR7)
  • 10 Matching Scene Renders (.BMP)

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